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Who We Are?

K Resourcing is a newly founded company as of early 2022 with the aim of establishing high-performing nearshore teams for our Nordic customer base. We thrive working with customers who value true talent and work with global mindsets.

Our core competencies lie within the fields of IT Development, Marketing and Business Development. The dedicated teams we establish on behalf of our customers work as integral parts of their organisations and solely for them. The key essence of our business model is to integrate your nearshore team fully into your company and on an equal footing with your in-house team. We firmly believe this increases motivation and long-term loyalty of the nearshore team members we hire on behalf of your company.

Our remote insourcing model combined with our local talent pool across North Macedonia and the rest of the Balkans enable us to build cost-effective nearshore teams for dynamic companies that aim for sustainable growth. In short, everything we do is about providing value to our customers.




We bridge expertise across borders, ensuring seamless communication and integration for our clients' success.



We are dedicated to providing our clients with innovative solutions and visionary strategies for sustainable growth and a competitive edge.



We provide a dependable foundation for business operations, ensuring sustainable growth for our clients.



We pride ourselves on always finding the best and the brightest talent our nation has to offer.


We Are Here For You

K Resourcing establishes productive nearshore teams assembled to meet our clients’ specific needs. If keen on reducing costs on new hires and/or have challenges attracting and retaining talent, we can help build, integrate and maintain a dedicated team tailor-made for your company.

IT Development

Looking for IT talents to develop and maintain your core solution(s)?

Are you facing a scarcity of resources, exceeding your development budget or do you have concerns about protecting your Intellectual Property in case you outsource your development?

We can provide you with an alternative by building a dedicated team on your behalf.

You will get an all-inclusive scalable team, where domain knowledge stays with you. Your nearshore team will undergo knowledge transfer with regards to your business domain and used development framework and we’ll be supporting every step of the way to ensure a full integration into your company.

Selected competencies we have access to include; TypeScript/JavaScript frameworks, C#, .NET, iOS, Android, DevOps, Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, C, C++, PHP and overall hot topics such as RPA, AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, UI/UX, IoT and Big Data.

IT Development

We specialize in software development as part of our IT services, crafting tailor-made applications that meet our clients' unique business requirements. For instance, if a startup requires a custom software solution to manage and organize venture capitalist records, we step in to develop, test, and maintain the software consistently. Our goal is to create and sustain personalized software that aligns perfectly with our clients' needs, ensuring its functionality and reliability through ongoing testing and development.

Data Science & Engineering

We seamlessly integrate data science and data engineering to offer comprehensive solutions that harness the full potential of data. Our data scientists leverage advanced analytics and cutting-edge algorithms to extract valuable insights from intricate datasets, uncovering patterns, trends, and predictive models. This cohesive approach empowers businesses to not only derive actionable insights but also build reliable, scalable systems that maximize the value of their data assets.


At our organization, we embrace DevOps as a core practice, seamlessly integrating development and operations to streamline the software delivery process. Our approach fosters collaboration between development teams and IT operations, ensuring continuous integration, deployment, and delivery. This DevOps methodology enables us to build, test, and release software reliably and rapidly, fostering innovation and facilitating the seamless operation of complex systems.

Marketing Services

Leverage our comprehensive portfolio of marketing services that will help your brand cut through the noise in the digital landscape – ensuring genuine connections with your audience and delivering outstanding results.

We recruit the best and most vibrant talents from our location — professionals who will amplify your brand’s visibility, increase organic traffic, and drive business growth through strategic content marketing, SEO optimization, stunning graphical designs, innovative social media management, powerful personalized email marketing campaigns, and groundbreaking business development management.

Content Marketing

Increase organic traffic to your website through blogs, articles and improved SEO​

Increase content ranking and be ahead of the competition ​

Rank on top of Google results for selected keywords​

Graphical Design and Branding

Increase brand awareness and recall through customer surveys after a branding campaign​

Increase engagement through stunning, innovative and attention-grabbing designs ​

Create native and authentic promotional videos that resonate with your brand ​

Social Media Management

Increase organic followers on driving social media platforms ​

Improve conversion rate and MQL with paid ads ​

Enhanced Brand Recognition​

Business Development

Increase the number of qualified leads

Improve conversion rates with email outreach

Increase number of monthly sales meetings

Email Marketing

Achieve higher open rates, and engagement rate

Increase CTR through optimized email content and A/B testing

Improve customer retention and brand loyalty

Our clients

Who we do it for

Benefits of Working
With us

Effective Recruitment Process

Our local Site Manager and HR team have several years of experience in establishing and retaining skilled and talented employees. In order to source and recruit the best resources on your behalf, we ensure selected candidates are subject to a rigorous recruitment process all with one key objective: finding the best possible candidates that match your expectations. Below is a simplified 5-step description of our end-to-end recruitment process

Requirements gathering

An initial call is held with your in-house team, where we run through your requirements for the opening and support in compiling a draft job description (JD) for the position

Search/active headhunting process

Once the JD is finalized and approved by you, we start the sourcing process and actively headhunt the best possible candidates via our extensive database and network

Screening, interviews and shortlisting

Once the best candidates have been screened and shortlisted, we conduct the initial interviews and assessments, after which we arrange interviews between the top 3-4 best candidates and your in-house team. Prior to arranging the interviews, we’ll share our written assessments and CVs of the respective candidates beforehand

Client selection phase

Once all interviews are completed, you’ll decide on who you want to offer the job. We will inform you about the candidate’s invoice price/salary expectation and start date. If you are not content with the candidates we’ve presented to you, we will simply continue the search until your expectations are met


Once you have chosen which candidate you’d like to hire for your new nearshore team, we will send our standard agreement for your signature. Once signed, we’ll subsequently handle all practicalities around the candidate’s onboarding process, hereunder signing of the employment contract, allocation of an office space and workstation, provide all required hardware/software elements, etc.

Dedicated Relationship Management

Once you establish a team with us, a dedicated K Resourcing Relationship Manager ensures delivery excellence by supporting in overseeing the daily operations and deliverables for the assigned employee(s) to ensure effective collaboration and productivity.
The nearshore team itself and all tasks/deliveries are solely managed by your company, while we provide on-site support via our entire range of managed services, hereunder general HR and account management, facility and daily admin support, employee development efforts, etc.

Active Headhunting

IT profiles randomly assigned to a project versus IT profiles headhunted and handpicked to match your specific needs? Our core competencies are focused on the latter.

By working with us, a dedicated development team is tailormade for your company. When you establish a team with K Resourcing, we focus on the E2E process of integrating the team fully into your organisation, processes and overall ways of working. 10+ years of know-how and extensive IT nearshoring experience in this field is accessible to you by working with us.

Our team of HR professionals have extensive knowledge and several years of experience in establishing and retaining successful teams across the Balkans. In order to source and acquire the best talents on your behalf, our HR team ensures that all candidates are subjected to a rigorous evaluation process to secure the best possible candidates on your behalf. This includes e.g. coqnitive tests, 365s, coding challenges, etc. Moreover, should you prefer to utilize some of your own internal HR processes, we’ll make sure to embed those into the E2E recruitment process.

Prime Location in the Balkans

Located in the heart of the Balkans, the capital of North Macedonia, Skopje, has a population of close to a million and represents the major economic, industrial, and academic center of the country.

We recognize Skopje as a competitive business location and the city offers a skilled deep workforce in an environment of macroeconomic stability and excellent infrastructure.

Over the past decade, Skopje’s development has been dynamic, making the city a lively and relevant destination for skilled IT and Marketing profiles. Despite of the country’s relative small size, North Macedonia offers an excellent supply of well-educated and motivated candidate pools.


Benefits of Skopje as a Nearshore Location

There are several reasons for your company to consider Skopje as a prime nearshore location. Below are some of the key reasons.


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